4 Great WordPress Plugins For Your Real Estate Marketing Website

If you are using WordPress for your real estate marketing website, then there are countless customizations that are available to you. Many of these plugins and page enhancements are offered to users for free or a very modest price, and can be easily added to your site with very little hassle. Additionally, each upgrade can greatly enhance your visitors’ experience and really improve the overall appeal.

Although the following options are not ideal for every single real estate professional, there are plenty for you to pick and choose from for your own purposes. So without further ado, let’s review a list of 4 powerful tools that you can start to use right away on your own site.

Simple Real Estate Pack:

This is a comprehensive real estate marketing plugin that provides a ton of functionality. Some of the features include:

  • Trulia market trends, charts and graphs for your local area
  • A set of calculators to evaluate your mortgage and closing costs, or the affordability of a home
  • Google Maps
  • Up-to-date Zillow API mortgage rates
  • Local schools based on various search criteria
  • and Yelp listings (up to a 3 mile radius)

Realbird or IDX Plugins:

Since every agent and broker has different goals and expectations, there is not any one IDX solution that I will recommend above another. With that said, the system we provide our clients for their real estate marketing websites is known as Realbird.com.

The benefit of this platform is that you can easily set up customized searches on a specific page or within your sidebar area. However, this does not pull listings from the MLS, so there are some who choose to use their own system instead. Other plugins that are available at WordPress are Optima Express IDX, IDX Broker, of Flexmls IDX.

Headspace or All in One SEO:

Again, these are not the only two SEO friendly plugins, but they have worked wonders for many of our own sites. For those who are trying to fully optimize their real estate marketing websites for specific local search terms, you probably want to consider downloading one of these two options.

Both plugins will give you the ability to submit meta descriptions/keywords and search engine friendly titles for each post or page that you are creating. Therefore, whenever the search engines visit your site, content will be properly indexed and your site can begin to rank better.

Slick Social Share Buttons:

As you may have heard, social sharing and promotion continues to have greater influence on both SEO rankings as well as driving traffic. Therefore, you must setup up a super simple way for folks to “like” content from your real estate marketing website.

One tool I absolutely love for this is the Slick Social Share Buttons plugin, because it provides a very clear-cut yet non obtrusive “floating” box for users to quickly share information. People are much more likely to do this when it is gently suggested to them.

Finally, if you are still in need of some additional options not covered here, then there are some simple steps you can take. You can either type in your search terms into Google to find plenty of articles and tutorials that can guide you along the way. Or you can simply run a search within your website’s backend by selecting “add new” under your “plugins” menu.

3 Things You Must Know About Finding a Great Real Estate Investing Program

With so many different real estate programs out there to try I lost a lot of money doing things that just did not work for me. I did however FINALLY find a program last year that made me a pretty decent amount of money, but that success was also shadowed by years of failure, losing money, stress and rejection.

So I decided to take my time to write this article for people that may not know how to find programs they can be successful in.

The first step you should take when trying to find a great real estate investing program should be to realize what your strong points are. If you are good at talking to people and you can build relationships quickly with them, you should look for a program that utilizes those skills.

Maybe a program that requires you to have a close relationship with banks or realtors would be good for you. The more those people like you the better deals you will be able to get and the easier it is for you to work out good deals with them.

I have a hard time getting along with people and I will admit I tend to have an attitude problem, so I was not very good at this particular type of program. I could not build the necessary relationships to get the lucrative contracts or offers that I really wanted.

Once you have an idea of what you think you could be good at you should then figure out how much time you have to spend on actually putting your program to work. Do not buy a program that you need to invest 60 hours a week in if your only going to spend 5-10 hours a week working.

This is very important to your success! I was trying to build my real estate business only working about 10 hours a week, many programs on the market require a lot more time invested than that, and without working the time needed for that program you are more than likely not going make much if any money at all.

Make sure that you buy into a program that gives you the support you need. Do not buy a program that does not have anyone to help you unless you are extremely motivated! If you are new at real estate investing or if you just don’t understand everything that goes into running a successful real estate business then I strongly recommend finding a program that offers help in the form of a real knowledgeable person.

Finding a program that did this was actually the main factor for my success in real estate investing. Having someone that can walk you through what you are doing step-by-step is Invaluable when it comes to making money successfully in real estate.

Many people will buy a real estate investing program just to watch it collect dust their bookshelf. If you are not serious don’t waste your money! Real estate investing will make you a lot of money, but you still need to work at it. Please use these tips to lay out a better plan for your real estate investing future.

I spent thousands of dollars and many years trying to make something work before I became successful, but I always TRIED! I want everyone who will put in the time and effort to reach their goals to achieve success!